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Amphitrites Tears

She was one of fifty sea nymphs, a daughter to great Titans of the ocean. She was a sea-goddess, consort and wife to Poseidon - ruler of the sea. She was even placed among the stars as the constellation Delphinus. Such queenly elegance was the inspiration of these tiny detailed nets of pearls for the ears.
Three different sizes of intricately woven lustrous peachy pink freshwater pearls have been lovingly hand-wrapped with a few bubbles of peachy seed beads across little handmade silver hooplets, with little droplets of pearl "lace" wrapped along the bottom of the hoops.
All components are sterling silver.
I also have surgical steel or Niobium hooks available on request if needed for sensitive ears, as well as little earring backings for folks who want them. Just let me know in Notes To Seller when purchasing.


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