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All items in the Gallery are currently available for sale.

Sold items that are no longer available, or not presently made and ready to ship, get moved to the archives. If you're really interested in one of the sold items, I may be able to recreate it, create something similar, or commission the pieces to make another. Not always, it just depends on what sorts of supplies were used. Each item is individually handmade so your best bet is to contact me and ask! Bear in mind that how long it will take me to come up with a custom order like this will totally be dependant on my present workload.

Customer Satisfaction is important to me! Here is feedback from my Etsy customers.

Shipping and Payment Policies

Gift Certificates and Extras such as additional cords are available here.

All my items are available through my website, but I also list some of them in my shop at Etsy, and online community for handmade items.
If you found me through Etsy and prefer to do your shopping over there: if you see anything on my website that you would like to get that isn't listed on Etsy, let me know and I can list it over there for you!

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