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About the length of the necklaces:
Each pendant is strung according to the customer's desired length at the time of purchase.
This is to remove the need for extensions, which will make the necklace less sturdy.
My necklaces are not adjustable. So far I have found that most necklaces of this kind that claim to be "adjustable" turn out to be hanging from a cord with a slip-knot tied on the end - I use large easy to use lobster claw clasps on my work. Extension chains tend to be uncomfortable when yanked, so best bet is to get a sense of how long you'd like the necklace to be when ordering.

How to determine how long to make the cord:

Everyone seems to have a different preference for how they want to wear their pendants. You can select whatever length suits your taste - I cut each cord at the time I ship the necklaces!

Necklace shown on 17 inch cord for a medium build sized model.

Necklace shown on 21 inch cord for a medium build sized model.

About 18 inches usually puts the circular loops just above the shirt neckline of a v-neck t-shirt for most folks but that length may vary for especially busty or petite women. Bust size is more important than height - so if you're larger around the chest, you'll want to add length.
Length measurement includes the clasp and loops, from end to end of where the cording closes.

Personally I tend to wear mine around 17-18 inches, though larger loops I usually like to wear lower.
When in doubt, 19-21 inches seems standard for mid-sternum neckline gifts... I always ask though because everyone seems to have a different preference!

A quick way to measure is to take a favorite necklace and lay it flat, measuring with a ruler from one end to the other.

If you don't have that information handy, give me a height estimate and a guess on build - petite or larger and what style she might prefer, and with that information I can try to make a best guess!

Cord Color Options:

All necklaces come on the satin cord pictured in the first photo of the listing unless otherwise specified in the necklace listing, but you can ask for a different color in Notes To Seller when purchasing.
Some are shown in an alternate color and if no notes to seller indicate otherwise, I will ship the necklaces in the same color as used in the main photos of the piece.

However, there are other color options available - just specify your wish for a different color in the Notes to Seller section when purchasing!

Currently available cord colors are:

Grass Green preview
Emerald Green preview
Navy Blue preview
Chocolate Brown preview
Tan preview
Pink preview
Burgundy preview
Silver preview
and of course, black!

These colors are also available in limited quantities:

(From left to right:)
1.) Light pink preview
2.) Purple preview
3.) Teal Green (this is almost the same as the emerald green) preview
4.) Olive Green
5.) Bright Red
6.) White

I also have some:
Pastel Rainbow is a multicolored strand that has pinks, yellows, blues, and light greens in it. The cord color on each necklace will vary according to whatever was on the end of the cord - I like this one for very pastel themed pendants, but cannot guarantee the dominant color that will come with your cord.


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