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Wired Calico Kitty

Well, you see, it was a "Cat-urday", and we went to a cat show, and we recently acquired a third kitty-cat who'd decided to make a home in the crawl space under of our house, so let's just say that the subject of cats has lately been on my mind.
Anyway, so this was fun - a calico kitty of various brown hues has been hand-sculpted with silver tarnish-resistant craft wire, and it has been bejeweled with a mix of sparkling glass beads, wood agate, fire lace agate, tigereye gemstones, zebra onyx, hrm...what else... oh I believe there's some rainbow jade mixed in there too.
The pendant, along with some more gems and glass stones, has been woven into a mesh ribbon of tarnish resistant silver colored wire which has been stitched together with a crochet needle.
Necklace measures 19 and a half inches in length, and closes with a lobster claw clasp.

Cat pendant measures almost (not quite) 2 inches high and a little over 1.5 inches wide. See the last photo modeled in the neck to get a sense of size :)


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